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Epic Foods

Epic Foods Co is a food tech company that combines sourcing, cooking, and electric cars. It's the only 10 € dinner that is fresh, handmade and delivered to your front door through an online dinner service platform with one click ordering and fulfillment. Oh, and free delivery!

Why did we invest in Epic Foods?
Epic has been growing really fast and doesn't seem to slow down. The cloud kitchen model has seen numerous failures, but Martti and the team seem to have cracked it. We knew we needed to find one of the best teams in the world to execute the model properly. With Epic, we believe we have done that.

Psyon Games

Psyon Games is designing a new future for casual gaming, combining the joy of entertainment with the beauty of science. Their vision is to become the number one science entertainment brand, inspiring billions of people to playful curiosity.

Why did we invest in Psyon?
Crazy founders with an extreme sense of mission built into their company is a cocktail every investor should love. In a post-factual world, Olli and Matt are tackling one of the most meaningful problems in the world by making science more attainable and sexy. They've built a stellar team of experienced game devs and launched their first game 'Trump vs. Science' gaining international exposure during the 2016 US election.


Peergrade makes it easy for teachers to run peer feedback sessions with their students. Students hand in a piece of work and give feedback to each other. This way students get much more feedback without extra work for the teachers.

Why did we invest in Peergrade?
Peergrade embodies everything we love in a startup; a tremendously smart team, building a truly unique product, in a huge market. We know the struggles of getting proper feedback at universities and Peergrade is solving a huge problem for thousands of students in the education system. Furthermore, we are bullish on EdTech and the opportunities for technology to vastly improve how education is delivered in the near future.


Artboost is a social marketplace for art. The platform enables you to discover upcoming artists and to get unique and limited art - whichever suits your budget. Consumers can buy art directly from the artist through the marketplace or support artists by crowdfunding a limited piece of art.

Why did we invest in Artboost?
Mikkel and Anders have shown tremendous hustle to get Artboost to where the company is today, with close to zero funding. Their grit, ambition, and desire to build a massively successful company is what tipped the scale. In today's world, too few people are able to live off their passion. With the rise of automation, it's vital to enable people to make a living as artists. The future job market won't happen in factories.


Pento enables smart companies to run their HR in a modern fashion. They help companies and managers get rid of manual work by automating a series of old-school processes, starting with payroll. In short: they’re building the world’s first PeopleOS.

Why did we invest in Pento?
After working together for +6 years, Pento is the third company Emil and Jonas has started together. Their previous companies count both a success and failure. However, for the first time, I believe they have found their founder-market fit. Coming to HR-SaaS without prior experience in the sector is normally ill-advised, but I believe this is actually their strong side. They are not biased by the old-school processes which they are trying to transform. Furthermore, it’s a market with a clear problem, where the strongest execution and product will win over time.


SkyGarden is an e-commerce platform purposely built for African businesses. They help local merchants connect with potential buyers via the mobile platform. Merchants thus gets to leverage the strong growth in smartphones and mobile money among the population.

Why did we invest in Sky.Garden?
Sky has built an unusually strong team consisting of experienced founders and key local hires in Nairobi. Combine this with an e-commerce market that's predicted to quintuple (!) in size over the next five years and you have a strong platform for building a rocket ship. Furthermore, it's important to empower local merchants rather than take over their markets completely. This creates a sustainable future for African markets.

Engaging Care

EC provides clinics and hospitals with a digital platform (communication & content), supplementing traditional methods of healthcare delivery with a highly scalable and patient-friendly digital component. The company’s mission is to improve the quality and patient experience of healthcare services delivery and build the foundation for the world’s first truly global healthcare platform.

Why did we invest?
Annica, Charlotta and Peter make for a great and holistic team. Annica’s meticulous focus on the patient experience coupled with Peter’s product design acumen ensures that the product will actually help solve problems for patients and clinics alike. Add to this a world-class CEO in the form of Charlotta, who previously scaled Min Doktor to become the largest digital healthcare provider in Sweden, and you have a team who can tackle the most difficult problems in the space.

Boost Thyroid

Boost is on a mission to build a solution to help the millions of people worldwide diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. They offer a unique and innovative solution that empowers people living with thyroid autoimmune conditions to obtain scientifically vetted information, as well as providing them with tools to track medication and improve conversations with medical practitioners.

Why did we invest?
BOOST Thyroid’s mission and vision of health for people with autoimmune diseases are inspiring. They are tackling a growing market of chronic conditions that were left untouched for too long. Vedra and Mikkel have a great combination of research, tech and product experience, and they are uniquely positioned to built Boost into the best solution for managing chronic autoimmune conditions.

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The Team

Christian Jantzen

Founding Partner

At age 26, Christian is probably the youngest startup investor in Denmark. He started his first company six years ago and Futuristic is the third in line. At university, he was on track to become an evil investment banker but discovered the wonderful world of startups as an exchange student at Stanford. It's been little over two years in startupland and he hasn't looked back since. Instead, he's managed to become an excessive learner who is annoyingly curious and practically unemployable by anyone else. The founders he likes working with, dare to solve the biggest problems in the world. They are 'smart creatives' who have a bold approach to company building. All of that, sprinkled with a healthy dose of craziness.

Daniel Bakh

Investment Associate

Advisory Board

Esben Gadsboell portrait

Esben Gadsbøll

Entrepreneur, Nordic Makers

Esben is one of the greatest Danish entrepreneurs in the digital age. He founded Whiteaway.com, a company that went on to become one of the largest e-commerce companies in Scandinavia. He has since gone on to invest in more than 15 startups and start several new companies, including Woolspire and Spires United. Esben is also active in optimizing Nordic cross-border investments and serves on the board of directors at DanBAN and as chairman at NordicBAN.

Andreas Saari

CEO, Slush

Andreas Saari is the CEO at Slush and Co-Founder & first CEO of Wave Ventures, the first student-run venture capital fund in the Nordics. Previously, Andreas led the startup and investor operations at Slush and developed new concepts for founders to meet with the Slush speakers for mentoring. Andreas studies industrial engineering & management at Aalto University and loves complex systems, biotech and material tech, languages, downhill biking, other extreme sports and learning furiously about everything.

Hampus Jakobsson

Venture Partner, Blueyard Capital

Hampus is Venture Parter at Blueyard, and before that he co-founded too many things: the angel fund NordicMakers, the startup house The Ground, the accelerator FastTrack, the startup Brisk.io (which folded), and the startup The Astonishing Tribe (which was acquired for $150m). He has a masters degree in computer science, angel invested in more than 80 startups, was awarded Best Angel Investor in the Nordics 2017 but is mostly trying to be a radically honest friend.

Ari Helgason

Principal, Index Ventures

Ari is a former entrepreneur with both an operating and investing background. He’s excited about the way software fundamentally reshapes industries and his investment focus is on enterprise software / SaaS and fintech across all stages. He especially enjoys working with founders as they navigate the early stages of scaling a business.

Before joining Index, Ari was at Dawn Capital in London where he invested in and worked with SaaS and open source companies in Europe and the US. Prior to that, Ari co-founded both the SaaS workflow management company WOAH Sales and ecommerce startup Fabricly—the former right out of university.

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